The Wiseman Concept is a RISK FREE financial process that is implemented after a detailed analysis of the client’s financial profile is performed by means of the Wiseman Telescopic Calculator.  It is a discipline that, if followed meticulously, serves our clients for life to make their money work for them as never before. The Wiseman Calculator calculates a benefit factor that is unique for each individual according to their current financial exposure, income, expenses, liabilities and desires and creates a financial environment within the client’s own bank, using standard financial instruments by which the client is able to make their dreams reality.​  Wiseman also uses the bank’s lawyer to set up the paperwork and execute all financial transactions.

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The Wiseman Telescopic Calculator is a proprietary tool that has been developed by the founder and owner of the Wiseman Concept that makes use of Reverse Advance and Advance Reverse methods developed with the help of top Chartered Accountants and Actuaries to determine the impact of a client’s existing financial habits (budget) on their future.  Myriads of variables are taken into consideration to predict not only how long the client is able to sustain the existing financial patterns, but also what needs to be done to reverse the effects of negative financial habits and create a budget that gives the client what they desire at zero risk and zero negative impact to their existing expenditure and lifestyle, within limits of course. This calculator is at the heart of the service being offered to clients and all service proposals are driven from the results of the calculator.

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In theory anybody that is able to make equity available to drive the engine of the process will qualify to become a Wiseman client.  Equity is normally freed from the existing bond on the home, but can come from any source that is available, such as a lump sum of cash that remains in your own accounts, as we do not touch your money.  At no point in time does the client relinquish control over his finances, in fact, the entire transaction is facilitated by the client, the bank and the bank’s attorneys.

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Almost everybody that is credit worthy has the ability to generate the equity needed.  Most people have a bond of 3 or 5 years old with more than enough equity that is easily accessible, while other people will purchase a home or even an investment property in which the necessary equity exists.  Do not think that you will not qualify and thereby disqualify yourself, rather just complete the assessment form and let the Wiseman Telescopic Calculator decide.

If however, you do not have your equity available, as described above, nothing prevents you from getting support from family, friends or colleagues, as they will also benefit from Wiseman if you do a deal together.

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To answer this we first need to explain what debt consolidation is.  Traditional debt consolidation is a method of rolling up short term debt into the bond and spreading what should be once-off purchases out over 20 years.  The groceries that were purchased with the credit card is long consumed and forgotten and also the luxury holiday that they paid with the equity in the bond, but the bond payment increases instead of decreases and this form of debt consolidation only postpones the inevitable financial crash.  Next year they just do the same and most people crash within 4 to 5 years if no other significant intervention occurs such as receiving a massive salary increase, fantastic new job or (God forbid) an unexpected inheritance.  Then the crash is maybe only postponed by another 4 years, but the method is flawed and unsustainable.  This is called BAD DEBT!  It is a negative downward spiral that sucks you in faster and faster until there is no escape.  If you recognize this pattern in your own or a loved one’s life, you need to speak to us urgently.  Don’t wait for the crash before seeking our help.

The Wiseman Concept promotes GOOD DEBT.  Good debt is when you borrow money that makes you more money.  Wiseman creates a positive upward spiral that you can use to cancel the downward spiral and recover from bad debt.  If you do not have the cash available, you can do this with borrowed money, i.e. good debt.  Using the Wiseman Concept, we will show you how to borrow more money without the loan being repaid from your pocket.  How much can you borrow if you do not need to pay for it?  Unfortunately only as much as the bank thinks you can afford!  It is our job to qualify our clients and if they pass they become zero risk clients to the banks.  We then create a saving in your budget which helps you typically to pay off your full bond within 7 years without increasing your expenditure in your budget, in fact, we increase your expendable income so you don’t have to cut back to live WITHIN your means.  We instead EXTEND your means!

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A pyramid system is designed to make a few people rich at the expense of many and when the pyramid collapses most people lose their investments.  The Wiseman Concept cannot be further apart from a pyramid system! This system is focused on the individual and your result is not dependent on the investment of anybody else.  If one person pulls out, it does not affect anybody else (except the rest of the family that got used to living on an easier budget!) This is the only financial system in the world that does not cost you money, but effectively increases your money. You will never find a pyramid system that guarantees your investment, but Wiseman does! Wiseman guarantees the benefit that you will receive, or your money back!

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Risk free finance is a difficult concept to grasp by most people.  Is obtaining a first or a second bond risk free? No! Not unless it is done the Wiseman way!  Why does the bank not give loans to everybody? Because they need to assess their risk of getting the money back and only give loans to people that have the capacity at the time to pay back the loan.  Giving the bond is the risk of the bank, paying it back is yours.  If you do not pay for something but get the benefit of it, your risk is removed.  If the bank gets their money guaranteed, then their risk is also removed.  Please note: no Wiseman client has ever defaulted on their bonds if they stuck to the rules.​ The discipline of keeping to the rules is the only risk you would have to face, but that part is totally up to you!

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Anything can be broken and lack of discipline and greed are the biggest contributors to the threat, but if you stick to the plan meticulously then the concept will continue to work for you forever.  The most important thing is to discuss any big changes in your life with your Wiseman Financial Negotiator (or agent) so that appropriate adjustments can be made.

Important to note is that nobody can break the system so that it can affect anybody else but themselves.  If a person does not have the discipline to stick to the carefully crafted plan, then only that person will be affected and will lose the guarantee offered with the service.  There is no linkage between clients (other than the word of mouth referrals to help one another) or their finances.  There is no chain that can be broken or a pyramid that can collapse.  You remain in control of your own finances and your discipline remains your own responsibility as with everything else in life.

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No, we do not even call ourselves financial advisers.  You do not purchase any of our products and your money is not invested in our system in any way.  We also do not provide any loans.  Banks do not have to give you permission to use their products the Wiseman way – they just get their money risk free from Wiseman clients who borrow from them or invest in their products.  Can you see how the bank becomes your best friend if you know you can borrow what you need from them and they know you can repay them because you are a Wiseman client?  Will the bank necessarily know you are a Wiseman client or do they even care about Wiseman? No, but they will gladly offer you another loan if your payment history shows that you are paying back the full mortgage in 7 years!

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No we are not.  We actually tried on a number of accounts but the outcome was the same every time.  We were not able to register in essence because we do not perform services that require registration with the FSB.

We deliver a service but we do not sell a financial product.  We make calculations and projections and refer clients to make use of the regulated products of mainstream institutions that are registered and for that we do not need a license or even permission from anybody.  We reduce or eliminate risk, we do not create or increase financial exposure.  We do not manage our clients money in any way or invest it for them on their behalf and we do not take any deposits or provide any loans.  At no point in time is any of our clients’ money transferred to our control and at no point in time is an opportunity created whereby Wiseman can redirect, gain access to, or steal our client’s money, as the restructuring process is overseen by the client’s bank’s attorneys.  The FSB has therefore concluded that The Wiseman Concept or its registered agents cannot register as a financial adviser in the capacity within which we operate.

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That is an interesting question because we do get paid, but not if it has to come out of your pocket.  Instead we take a very fair approach to getting paid.  We negotiate a plan with you that creates massive savings and even additional recurring income that you did not have before.  If we cannot create a significant saving, we will not take any service fee.  In fact, we would not qualify you in the first place if the margins are too tight to provide us with a service fee, as the risk is on us.  Now, if we can achieve a saving, we could justify claiming a percentage of the saving, as many businesses operate in that way.  However, we agree with the client on a fee that comes from the savings achieved and is therefore not felt by the client in any wat.  The benefit continues for the client and they can return to us whenever the need arises in future.  So, how much does anything cost if the benefits are received for free?  Does it matter?  Yes, and that is why it is discussed with you when the plan is explained to you by your Agent.  No gain – No pay!

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Theoretically, if you did not pay for the service, you could not expect anything back, but the way we work is that we guarantee that you will achieve the benefits from the Wiseman Concept that we indicated to you in your personalized plan.  If you stick to the plan and you do not attain the benefits, then we will repay you the fee that we received (even though you did not pay for it out of your pocket).  It may sound funny, but that is how confident we are that you will see the benefits promised within the first month after setting the wheels in motion.  However, if you do not stick to the plan (which we will immediately be aware of), we will notify you and urge you to return to the plan.  If you decide against it, penalties will be imposed and the guarantee will be void.  Needless to say of course, the relationship will be terminated.

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The Wiseman Concept has been investigated and audited a number of times by the banks and never was any indication found that customers were being put at risk.  If the Wiseman Concept is a scam, where are the people that lost money over the last 13 years? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will a scammer provide a sustainable plan that leads a client to strengthen their financial position and deliver guarantees against failure or would they instead make false promises that cannot be measured or proven?
  • Will a scammer refer clients to their own bank to buy products or services in the name of the client or would they use unknown obscure entities instead and try to gain control over the client’s funds?
  • Will a scammer use the client’s bank’s lawyers to perform all the paper work and all transfers and payments necessary to set up the machinery that will help the client or will they use their own “lawyers” and their own carefully worded contracts?
  • Will a scammer use investment vehicles that can be tracked on-line by the client from his own bank or will they rather want to fabricate “growth” figures by issuing their own statements from systems that do not exist?
  • Will a scammer obtain bank approval for a client or will they avoid banks and regulated institutions at all cost?
  • Will a scammer improve a client’s cash flow and free up finances that the client never knew of, risk free to the client, or would they rather take cash out of the client’s pocket at the first available opportunity?
  • Will a scammer maintain a long term relationship with the client to assist them through changing needs or will they rather come in quick, take what they can and then disappear?

We indeed urge you to be vigilant against scammers and recommend you investigate every transaction you enter into very carefully, but wish to convey to you instead that our mission is one of uplifting the consumer and empowerment of the masses.


Just as a final note – The Wiseman Concept can substantiate all claims made on this website.

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The first step is to complete the assessment form, which does not capture any personal details other than your name and contact details to be able to respond to you.  The financial questions are personal in terms of your incomes and expenditures, but this is obviously needed as inputs to the calculator, being a financial tool, no account names, numbers or identification numbers are required, as we work only on the figures that you provide.  Complete it as best you can (estimates figures are good enough) and submit it electronically via the system or by fax.  You should get a response within 48 hours after which an Agent will make an appointment with you to discuss your plan that relates only to your own personal circumstances. Don’t procrastinate any longer – we look forward to welcoming you into the world of financial miracles!

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