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Let us help you buy a car, pay for your wedding, send your child to university or renovate your home at a price you can afford.

Gerald Joubert

and thank you for visiting this special agent page for The Wiseman Concept.​

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing world of Wiseman – the financial system that is changing the world. The power is inside of you to join this revolutionary journey and be a part of rewriting the history of money.

The Wiseman Financial Concept is a system that allows you to do the seemingly impossible within your existing budget. If you didn’t get that – I will say it slower – the system provides you with amazing benefits without paying more out of your existing budget, ever! There is another way of putting it. If you do not pay for something, it is free to you! Did you get that? No, I thought not… very few people do. Only our existing Wiseman customers experience this phenomenon on a daily basis and are therefore the only people that can really grasp what I just said.

​The magic hat
​Let us explain the concept a bit. The system works something like a magic hat. You can pull almost anything out of this hat. There are limitations, of course, but prepare to be surprised. The Wiseman Telescopic Calculator will show you how to create cash flow within your existing budget that you were not aware existed before. The system basically creates a personal bank within your bank and amazingly – most people are capable of using this system.

If you are thinking that this concept is making use of debt consolidation, you are very wrong. Increasing your mortgage, the debt consolidation way, only postpones pain and suffering to continue paying for goods way after their useful lifetime. You don’t want to pay for something over 20 years if you have forgotten about it or have replaced it with another better item. The Wiseman Concept does not consolidate – it eliminates!  It’s goal is to get your home paid off earlier so that you have more money to build actual wealth.

There exists today a magic hat that turns bad debt into good debt. If you pay 20 years for a car or your clothing account is it good debt or bad debt?  If you borrow money at a negative interest rate is it good debt or bad debt? Never heard of negative interest rates? All Wiseman clients experience an effective negative interest rate on their debt as new loan repayments are largely eliminated. This gain is used to pay off your debt and potentially other monthly expenses, such as telephone bills and fuel costs and off course the Wiseman fee. Is it not great to know you can afford a service that saves you more than you can imagine?

Just have a look at the testimonials of clients improving their lifestyles at zero cost to their budget!  Some are able to buy a small car using this system or pay for a wedding or renovate their home at zero cost to their budget!

Of course terms and conditions apply. You must be credit worthy and you must have affordability in the eyes of the bank. You must also be qualified with the Wiseman Telescopic Calculator that will tell you your affordability within the Wiseman system and the potential benefits you could receive.

Apply now
Don’t delay. Why should you delay knowing how you can improve your life? Why delay just knowing if you qualify if the application for the assessment is free of charge? Applying is risk free. In fact the system is risk free and banks just love Wiseman clients because all Wiseman clients pay their homes off within 7 years. Oh, did I mention you WILL have a fully paid home in 7 years or less? This comes part and parcel with the Wiseman system. At no extra cost to your existing budget.

If your monthly budget is R20,000 or R30,000 before becoming Wise, your budget immediately following implementation will be the same and possibly better! Only the Wiseman calculator can tell and that is why you should apply immediately at no cost.

Did I mention the application for the assessment is free? What I meant is the assessment is also free. In fact, if we can save you stacks of money in the process, why pay for the service? If we can’t give you the service without it affecting your budget, the Wiseman Financial Calculator will not approve the deal! Did you get that? It won’t cost you a cent from your budget!

If you qualify, the Wiseman Calculator will release funds to pay the car, wedding, holiday trip overseas or whatever your needs are, throw in subsidized fuel, cellphone costs, municipal bills and maybe a few other things without increasing your budget. Did I mention this is guaranteed?  Well it is. You will get your money back if we do not save on your budget. Even if you did not pay commission from your pocket, the commission will be refunded. How is that for a sweetener?

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